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About Us

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About Us

RooCodes was set up following the frustration of trying to find a working Deliveroo code. All the other promo code websites are filled with ads, dozens of buttons and expired codes. For RooCodes, we wanted to create a very simple and clean layout the shows you what you're looking for without needing to do anything more. When the website is loaded, a database of codes is searched to find a working code to make sure an expired code is never shown. The 'Try another' button remains merely to allow cycling through all the featured codes.

In the early days, it was enough to just show the codes we had on hand but, as traffic rose, we had to open the doors to code submissions. Again, we wanted to make this process simple without needing to sign up or provide a mountain of personal details; visitors are free to post as guests with any alias.

In January 2017, RooCodes was created from minimal experience in HTML, Javascript, CSS, XML, SEO or Analytics - now with more experience, we hope to move away to a better hosting service so we can share discount codes for other services in the same clean way (just as soon as exams are over).


  • Updated cookies notification for EU GDPR compliance.
  • Preliminary updates to privacy policy for EU GDPR compliance.
  • Bug preventing code submissions has been fixed.
  • Submission area style fix for some browsers.
  • Enabled HTTPS page encryption.
  • Added some stock images.
  • Social media links removed.
  • Updated instructions and offer
  • Added daily use counter
  • Minor design adjustments
  • Created related offers section.
  • Minor changes to sitemap and robots.txt
  • Deliveroo access has been intermittent today. This has affected our end but the problems should be fixed by tomorrow.
  • SEO experiment #11 begin
  • Updated submit page to reject duplicates
  • Submit page no longer redirects
  • Submit page minor tweaks
  • Expired codes widget redesign to ease loading time
  • Reveal button redesign.
  • Reveal code button implemented to increase CTR %
  • We are once again accepting submissions of codes though it may take longer for one of the admins to add the code to the database.
  • The code submissions process has been simplified and no longer relies on Disqus.
  • YQL no longer allows JSONP-x requests for HTML tables which means the checker no longer works and needs an alternate proxy or PHP backend. This is not something likely to happen and manual checking is out of the question so RooCodes maintenance and development will be discontinued until an alternate interest/solution is found. (Code submissions page has been removed)
  • The donation link has temporarily been removed as users were still donating, despite warnings, in hope of having their code listed at the top.
  • Code status checker oversight has been fixed resulting in 40% faster load times!
  • Temporarily removed 'Try another' link redirect.
  • Updated contact details.
  • Fixed footer links.
  • Minor corrections.
  • An update by Deliveroo no longer requires codes to be case sensitive.
  • A code will now be shown immediately on page load to avoid loading time. Code will change if rare case that it is expired.
  • Implemented fall back operation when ajax code checking times out or fails to avoid hanging loading text.
  • Homepage section amalgamation to avoid search engine referral errors.
  • Display scaling updates.
  • Updates to 'Terms of Use' page.
  • Minor page redesign.
  • Fixed scaling for small screens i.e. Iphone 4 & 5
  • Re-added social media page links.
  • Favicon updated.
  • High-res favicons added for supported browsers.
  • Theme colour for Chrome on Android updated.
  • Code now copies in lower case.
  • Fragmented page structure.
  • Reduced blank spaces in header for mobile devices.
  • Moved website name to header.
  • Moved submit a code link.
  • Compressed logo file and optimised delivery mechanism for faster loading.
  • Changes to code selector algorithm to fixed 'undefined' bug.
  • Changes to code selector algorithm for more even distribution.
  • A bug in the code was resulting in some users getting an endless loading text. This should now be fixed.
  • Several minor amendments to privacy policy.
  • Changes to code display for clarity.
  • Fixed minor display bug on iphone 5.